5 Essential Questions You Must Ask Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a criminal case? Protecting your freedom should be the ultimate goal only a criminal defense attorney can grant you. Deciding on your lawyer requires a complete assessment of their qualifications and experience, as your life and rights are at stake. Thus, you must ask many questions before hiring a lawyer. This article highlights the top 5 must-ask questions from a Barnstable criminal defense lawyer. Let’s dive in!

Must-ask Questions From Your Criminal Defense Attorney 

1. What experience do you have in handling similar cases? 

During the initial consultation, ask your potential criminal defense lawyer about their experience in similar cases. If your lawyer has handled the same cases before, it will work in your favor. 

2. What is your fee structure? 

Every law firm has a different fee structure; thus, you must ask your potential criminal defense lawyer about their fee structure for transparency. Generally, criminal defense lawyers charge on an hourly basis or a flat fee. Also, ask about their fee structure and overall charges to see if their prices fit your budget. Unlike personal injury lawyers, criminal defense lawyers do not work on a contingency basis. 

3. Will you be handling my case personally? 

During the consultation process, it is vital to ask your potential criminal defense lawyer if they will handle your case. Sometimes, your case gets passed to less experienced lawyers depending on the severity you may not want. Thus, it is best to ask this question upfront to be clear. 

4. Can you guarantee the outcome of my case? 

If you have discussed the entire case, ask your potential lawyer if they can guarantee the outcome of your case. Also ask what potential outcomes you can expect. Remember, guaranteeing and predicting the outcome is different. 

5. Why should I hire you? 

Besides having excellent experience, qualifications, and great knowledge, there are certainly other factors. These include responsive nature, confidence, communication, and trust, that you should consider. Ask your attorney why you should hire them and carefully listen to their answer. Their response will establish trust within you. If not, they might not be the right choice. 

Wrapping Up 

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is complicated as you need to find someone you can trust. Through these top 5 questions, you can find the best criminal defense lawyer!