Check out the pros and cons of customs clearance

Customs clearance in Canada is strict and highly organized. They have hired the best and most efficient staff to ensure smooth functioning. Their rules and terms make no compromise on clearance. Thus, there is no excuse in settling the formalities. You may need support from Clearit customs clearance or similar firms and close the customs matter smoothly.

Gladly, the internet has simplified the process and steps of customs clearance. You also have the option to choose a good customs broker who can handle everything on your behalf. It would also be wise to check the positive and negative side of customs clearance so that you are prepared to prevent the risks of the same.

Pros and cons of customs clearance:

Before you proceed with the customs clearance, check out the few important steps for a smooth clearance;

  • Customs declaration
  • Documents submission
  • Supporting documentation
  • Transit declaration
  • Documents clearance and more

Pros of customs clearance:

  1. Having a broker by your side can speed up the process
  2. Custom clearance helps you do business on an international level
  3. A clearance certificate declares that your goods are eligible for transporting to the other country
  4. A broker can represent your company and do all the necessary tasks on your behalf and help you follow the process smoothly and efficiently
  5. Hiring a customs broker is simpler than doing the things on your own.

Cons of customs clearance:

  1. Customs process is tricky and can some leave the owner frustrated in long waiting period
  2. Delays in the customs process can be bad for perishable items
  3. If the goods are rejected the commodities are stuck at the port for months and sometimes even years
  4. There is never a guarantee that the clearance certificate will be provided on goods. Even small errors in the process can result in cancellation of the request for clearance certificate. If the customs officers are strict, they may even make you liable to pay penalties and taxes.


Understanding the pros and cons beforehand can help you prepare for the process to avoid further delays. Take support from a customs broker as they come from an experienced background in handling similar cases in their routine. They have the knowledge of the process and the people working in customs. Thus, they are the best to handle the customs procedures. Think of choosing registered and licensed firms like Clearit customs clearance