Demystifying Common Myths About Varicose Veins

While doing a series of activities such as sitting, walking, swimming, and others, there is a requirement for continuous flow of blood through the veins. The valves continuously help the blood to move throughout the body. What if these valves become weak? If the valves carrying blood become weak, it can put pressure on the veins, and it will later swell and create a bulge. This bulging look is commonly known as the varicose veins. 

People have various misconceptions about varicose veins, and thus, they do not consider them to be a serious issue to solve. Therefore, in this article, we will study common myths and facts associated with them. However, if you or any of your loved ones are facing varicose veins problems in Boise, you can consult a specialist doctor to solve your issue. There are various centers of Sclerotherapy Boise where you can share your problem and get solutions. 

What are Common Myths About Varicose Veins? 

Myth 1: Varicose veins are only affected by appearance

People consider varicose veins to be only associated with appearance or cosmetic issues and do not have significant significance in the body. However, the fact is different in its significance. The vein problem is also associated with physical discomfort and pain. There are various symptoms for this problem, such as swelling, burning, throbbing, cramping, heaviness, restless legs, tingling, and other such issues. Therefore, it is not merely a cosmetic issue; it is associated with major bodily problems and discomforts. 

Myth 2: Varicose vein is exclusive to women

It is a fact that varicose veins are majorly found among women, but it is not true that men do not fall prey to them. Women are more susceptible to pregnancy, sudden weight gain, and hormonal fluctuations. Men also face the issue of varicose veins when their valves become weak. However, the matter is still under debate, but, indeed, it is not specified with women; it can happen to anyone. 

Myth 3: Varicose veins are similar to spider veins

There are various instances in which varicose veins are considered to be similar to spider veins. But it is not valid; they are identical to each other, but not exactly. There is a difference between these two problems. A spider vein is majorly associated with cosmetic issues. However, varicose veins also create pain and discomfort. They can both result for the same reasons, but it is not true that they are similar. 

Myth 4: Exercise may cause varicose veins in the body

People often consider varicose veins to be a problem that is the result of heavy exercise from the body. However, the causes are different, such as heavy weight, standing and sitting for long periods, and other such instances. You can keep your body active by exercising without putting long stretches on your legs. So, it is not true that exercise will make you fall for varicose vein problems.