Requesting A Raise– What’s The Correct Way To Do It?

You have been working at your job for months or maybe for more than a year or two, but you have never received a raise. It is natural to want to have an increased salary after putting in hard work and effort. However, this particular conversation is never easy to have with your boss. 

Some employers are considerate and understand your request for a raise. They evaluate your contributions to the business or company and eventually give you a raise. However, some bosses can be ruthless. If you believe you are not being treated right in your workplace, get legal advice from an attorney today. 

Here are tips for requesting a raise with your boss.

  • Be thoughtful about timing.

You need to be thoughtful about the timing of asking for a raise from your boss. Your manager is also a human with normal human emotions, and therefore, it makes sense to consider the right time to approach them. 

You will not get good results if you approach them on a bad work day or when they are already worried about the impending budget cuts. However, if you have just saved the day with an important client, it might be the perfect time to approach them for a raise.

  • List your accomplishments from the recent months.

It makes sense to describe your recent achievements and accomplishments that have positively impacted the business or company as a whole. Provide specific data and statistics if possible. 

For instance, you can state that in the past year, you generated 6,000 leads for the company, which is an increase of 10%. 

Your manager will be less likely to turn down your request if provided with data and numbers like those. Showing the efforts you have put into the company and increasing the marketing demonstrates that you are a loyal worker.

  • Inform the manager that you want to request a raise.

Do not rush to your manager requesting a raise, as they might not be ready to talk about the salary or money. Avoid walking in on their free slot to discuss the issue, as this can be seen as unprofessional or disrespectful. 

Inform your boss about the purpose of the meeting before you set up a meeting with them to discuss the salary. Depending upon your preference, you can either inform them personally or write an email. Doing this can increase the chances of your success.

  • Know your company’s budget cycle and raise.

If your boss gives a raise only once a year, pay close attention to when it normally happens. In most cases, the employer awards the raise around the anniversary of your start date. Once you know the timing, plan a meeting with your boss about one or two months prior to the beginning of the formal process.