Artificial intelligence and the way it changes our perception

The advent of AI generative tools has increased the speed and scale of creating new explicit images since they require less technical knowledge than previous methods and can generate multiple images, even nude celebs, per request. 

Strengths and weaknesses of artificial intelligence

Every day, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies penetrate deeper and deeper into all areas of our lives. In particular, a large number of services are appearing that can significantly affect work and business. Today, with the help of artificial intelligence, you can generate images, run advertising campaigns, write texts, code, and even music.

Modern artificial intelligence also has weaknesses. For example, some tools are too expensive and require the latest equipment. Crashes and image distortions are typical drawbacks of artificial intelligence. It is also worth noting security issues due to data leaks and possible copyright infringements. But the main gap of such services, which the developers are unable to fix yet, is the lack of a “soul,” i.e., the hand of a living person.

How to generate erotic work of art?

AI image generation technology has also made great strides in recent years. Today, artificial intelligence can compete with artists and illustrators because it knows how to generate pictures from scratch based on a textual description or based on the original, draw a part of a picture, change a given image, etc.

Nudify combines billions of images taken from the Internet to generate your own work. It is an application for phones or computers that allows you to see what a woman looks like in a photo without clothes. To do this, you need to transfer the original photo and wait for processing to complete.

AI undress tool prohibits the creation of child sexual abuse images, assists law enforcement in investigating “illegal or malicious” use, and has removed all explicit material from its training data, reducing “the potential for the creation of indecent content.”