How do expert poker players crush online casino games?

Online casinos give casual players and pros alike the chance to play all their favorite games. For seasoned poker pros who have honed their skills at the felt, transitioning to beating online casino games can be a natural next step. Using a similar skillset of math, psychology, and discipline, top poker players are finding great success in crushing everything from blackjack to roulette at online casinos.

The seasoned poker players already have an innate understanding of odds, probabilities, and the math behind most casino games. They know the house edge and rough odds of hitting different hands or outcomes. It gives them a major leg up on casual player’s right off the bat. An expert poker player understands things like pot odds, implied odds, and equity, and can quickly calculate the right price to continue in a hand. These same mathematical skills transfer directly to most online casino games. A top poker pro will have the basic strategies and optimal plays memorized for games like blackjack, video poker, craps, and others. They know the best and worst bets to make at the table or machine. It gives them a mathematical edge over the average player who is just guessing or using “feel”.

Stay disciplined and avoid tilt

The key skill all great poker players top 10 nz online casinos have mastered is discipline. Making mathematically correct decisions is one thing, but being disciplined enough to implement them is another matter entirely. Amateurs frequently make poor plays because of impatience, frustration, ego, or a desire to “gamble”. Expert poker players know how to crush these negative emotions and stay focused in the face of swings and downswings. They don’t chase losses or go on monkey tilt when they hit a cold deck. Maintaining this discipline through the ups and downs of poker translates perfectly to online casino games as well.

A seasoned poker pro has the mental game required to play optimally regardless of results in the short term. They have ice in their veins and the patience to know the good play will pay off over time. An expert poker player knows their earnings potential in a game and sizes their bets appropriately. They also know when to move down in stakes when on a downswing. These bankroll management skills are crucial to crushing online casino games as well. The swings and variance in casino games can be even higher than in poker, so a pro will have the proper mindset and practices in place to sustain winning play over thousands of hands and spins.

Pick only the best games to play

The keys to being a winning poker player, and especially a profitable pro, is game selection. The pros seek out the most beatable games and avoid playing in tougher games where they don’t have an edge. The same idea applies to picking which casino games to play online. A professional poker player only plays the games where they’ve put in the work to gain a mathematical advantage. These include blackjack, video poker, craps, and sports betting. They avoid the sucker games like slots, keno, or baccarat where the house edge is sky high. This gives them the best chance to leverage their skills and win consistently.